2020 Soulsfeng Anti-COVID-19 action_Chinese shoe and clothing enterprises under the COVID-19

January 23, 2020(the day before Chinese New Year's Eve),Wuhan, China announced the closure of the city. At that moment, China entered the stage of the Anti-COVID-19 war. Meanwhile  everyone realized the seriousness of the virus, but at first  people were panic.Some people grabbed rice, even medicine.

This is the same response as Singapore. Everything in the supermarket was sold out, including toilet paper, but Singapore's response is more exaggerated.

In the face of such a sudden virus, some people lost their rational judgment. This is understandable, but in terms of the entire COVID-19, China has shown an unprecedented unity. Although Wuhan ´s early controlmay not in place.Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the unity of the people and support for the country,which is unprecedented.No one has ever accused the fault of the institutuion, the people consciously isolate themselves at home and do their own job.For enterprises in Putian, Fujian, all capable enterprises have also responded to the government ´s call to take the initiative to transform the production line and produce protective masks or other medical products, which are basically at their own expense. No matter how hard it is, all companies are doing their best to help the country through the difficulties.

In Putian, Fujian, under the direct command of the municipal government, the Putian Industry and Information Bureau, in conjunction with the City Footwear Association, Association
and local companies which produce diapers and shoes, jointly established a "mask production team". Internally, , everyone nicknames the "mask production team" as"Mask Research Institute."After field trips of mask manufacturing enterprises in the surrounding cities, consulted industry experts, quality supervision, market supervision and management departments, etc. "Mask Research Institute" quickly figured out the essence.
Municipal government immediately organize enterprises in Putian to start production. So far, it has basically achieved a daily production of 2 million.

In the beginning of the COVID-19, companies don't know what to do, but now Each enterprise assumes its own responsibilities, doing everything they can. At the moment of crisis, there are no fear on Soulsfeng brand and all other enterprises,instead they show a enterprise’s obligation.

Here,thank you for helping China during the COVID-19: Iran, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Algeria, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belarus, Pakistan, Egypt, Hungary, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Australia , UAE, Tobago, etc.During the COVID-19, the Soulsfeng brand also donated RMB 10,000 and took the initiative to transform the production line to produce civilian masks,arrangee employees to work overtime.

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