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Fire Team Sand Boots Middle

Fire Team Sand Boots Middle

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Fire Team Boot - Aniemena Chibuzo Pau

Fire team is a small military subunit-subunit of infantry designed to optimise "bounding overwatch" and "fire and movement" tactical doctrine in combat. Depending on mission requirements, a typical fireteam consists of four or fewer members; an automatic rifleman, a grenadier (M203), a rifleman, and a designated team leader. The role of each fireteam leader is to ensure that the fireteam operates as a cohesive unit.

Soulsfeng Fire Team Sand Boots is designed by - Aniemena Chibuzo Pau, as he said:
“I served in the British Army and the U.S. Army Infantry, I’ve traveled the world on various assignments and worn every boot known to man, but no boot is good enough for such complex environment". It took more than 6 months, we design this Fire Team Sand Boots could used in rain and cold in dry and hot environments, even the worst environment, it is hard working for me, but it is all worth, because we final did this amazing boots, in addition to being lightweight they consistently retained unparalleled comfort, durability and reliability throughout.


  • Suede leather upper
  • Ripple rubble sole with good anti-skid effect sole
  • Excellent E-TPU particle cushioning midsole
  • Design for comfort and stability
  • Standard size,you can rest assured to buy
  • Environmentally friendly degradable material
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