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Indoor/Outdoor Ice Cream Basketball - Size 7

Indoor/Outdoor Ice Cream Basketball - Size 7

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Soulsfeng Bonedre.Basketball

  • Diameter : 24.6cm
  • Size : 7
  • Absorb Sweat for Non-Slip - This basketball is specially made of premium PU with anti-skid texture and high hygroscopicity, which can absorb sweat and effectively increase friction. After thousands of tests, the surface particles are still distinct and wear-resistant. 
  • Excellent Elasticity - This colored basketball has excellent toughness and softness. The specially designed layer of fiber is carefully made of superior materials and rubber liner to make the indoor-outdoor basketball more durable and accurate in flight.  
  • Great Air-Tightness - The leak-proof valve of this composite leather basketball adopts rigorous production technology, making it have the characteristics of preventing air leakage. Each leak-proof valve has passed multiple tests. Please lubricate the needle before use. 
  • Unique Ice Cream Pattern - This basketball is specially designed for stylish men and women. With creative ice cream pattern and exquisite texture, this colorful basketball not only can be played indoors and outdoors but also suitable for collect in a showcase.
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