2020 Soulsfeng Anti-COVID-19 action_Chinese shoe and clothing enterprises under the COVID-19

January 23, 2020(the day before Chinese New Year's Eve),Wuhan, China announced the closure of the city. At that moment, China entered the stage of the Anti-COVID-19 war. Meanwhile  everyone realized the seriousness of the virus, but at first  people were panic.Some people grabbed rice, even medicine.

This is the same response as Singapore. Everything in the supermarket was sold out, including toilet paper, but Singapore's response is more exaggerated.

In the face of such a sudden...

West Bay Green Sneakers,together with you to join the mazu marathon

9:00 a.m. on January 1, 2020,women's half marathon with the theme of "mei good running" was held on meizhou island, a pearl on the southeast coast of China.



Meizhou island has the charming scenery and the rich cultural background. The start of the marathon is a fresh start for a hopeful 2020.

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