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Brand History

Soulsfeng Founders: David Feng, Fahad Al Ali
Since 2017, Soulsfeng Sport & Art & Tech

Soulsfeng was formerly known as Future Footwear Technology Corporation (FFT), an original equipment manufacturer. Since the last five years, FFT has always been at the forefront of technological research and sports analysis. Each pair of shoes made by us has been hand-finished and delivered to customers perfectly. Our founders, lifelong dream is to engage with and listen to each customer, while improving on the craft of manufacturing better shoes. Because they are the souls pushing us to step forward, they are our future. This is the story of our brand name, Soulsfeng. The development and expansion of a brand is a monumental task. Regardless of the challenges, we at Soulsfeng will always strive to utilize the latest technology in the pursuit of quality products for everyone.

Soulsfeng slogan: Do Whatever You Can Do!

Graffiti Art & What is Soulsfeng About

•What we believe "finding the meaning of life through a paint brush".

•"Be stronger and more empowered by helping others to make a better future, better life and a kinder world"

•Thanks to JP odonnell, Soulsfeng willing to built a different apparel & fashion world with Graffiti Arts.

Environmental & What is Soulsfeng Do

•You Can Stop Evironmental Pollution.

•The time to act is now.

•Even very little thing, you will help the change, all material Soulsfeng use are degradable material, even the package bags.

•Do Whatever You Can Do.It is our Duty to Make Sneakers Change & Make World Better.

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