Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Soulsfeng is Combining Art and Technology in Their Unique Footwear

HuangFengchun   May 26, 2022

      Soulsfeng is the brand name for the Future Footwear Technology Corporation (FFT) which began in 2016 and, over the last five years, has been at the forefront of technological research and sports analysis. Soulsfeng is their fashion shoe brand with graffiti styles at its heart. The Soulsfeng founders, David Feng and Fahad Al Ali began the company with their backgrounds in footwear and the goal to produce and sell shows with graffiti art while trying to develop and include more technology in the shoes. In a recent interview, they talked about their passion for the brand saying, “Each pair of shoes made by us has been hand-finished and delivered to customers perfectly. Our lifelong dream is to engage with and listen to each customer while improving on the craft of manufacturing better shoes. Because they are the souls pushing us to step forward, they are our future. This is the story of our brand name, Soulsfeng. The development and expansion of a brand is a monumental task. Regardless of the challenges, we at Soulsfeng will always strive to utilize the latest technology in the pursuit of quality products for everyone.”



      The brand has taken its passion and vision and turned them into innovative products. They recently released a new style of lighting sneakers that uses cold light technology to reduce heat and provide a more gently light than a traditional LED. According to Soulsfeng, “The soft lighting blends in with the art design on the sneakers perfectly.” It comes with six different color modes, a rechargeable battery that lasts over 48 hours, and a four-hour empty to full charging cycle. Additionally, they are anticipating the release of their new heating technology boots. The technique uses carbon fiber heating that displays efficient heating conduction and is a safe method that evenly heats under the bottom of the feet. The boots will feature three heating levels with different indicator colors. A fully charged battery can last up to eight hours on the highest heating level.

      These products are just a taste of what Soulsfeng has planned as the company continues the constant growth they have seen since 2016. They hold firmly to their passion to build a different apparel and fashion world by making innovative sneakers and making the world better.

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