Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Soulsfeng – The Brand Putting Real Graffiti On Sneakers

HuangFengchun   June 1, 2023

Two words: graffiti and footwear.

Soulsfeng brings them together in a way formerly not thought possible. Soulsfeng was founded by creator David Feng in 2017, with a mission to bring real art into the art of footwear.

His belief? That we can find meaning in life through a paint brush, and we can bring art with us everywhere we go.


So, the idea of graffiti on shoes, really is about bringing meaningful art with us everywhere we go. That we can look down at, to admire. And that others can look at, be inspired by, and find meaning in.

Today, Soulsfeng is the world’s first “graffiti designed” footwear company. Soulsfeng creates top end, high-tech sneakers, imprinted with stunning graffiti art.

Simply put: graffiti art on sneakers.

These shoes are not just regular sneakers, but walking art pieces. Designed with the beautiful patterns and art one would normally expect to find on city walls etched into them. Pains are taken to ensure that even the finest details of the graffiti are clearly captured on the shoe.

Making each graffiti sneaker, a brilliant work of art.


And with different graffiti sneaker options and designs to choose from, there’s always something for everyone!

In the Research and Development pipeline, Soulsfeng has got three utility model patents and one invention patent, with two of them having already been applied to production.

First, a new carbon fibre heating technique. This technique is already being applied to the sneakers and passed quality testing, to be released early next year:

Secondly, a state-of-the-art breathable 3D printing sole. This technology is already being applied to the sneakers and passed quality testing, to be released early next year.

Thirdly, a type of pants alternative for winter or summer. Under development for an applicable product in the future.

And lastly, (but not least), automatically adjustable shoelaces. Already applied to sneakers and after passing quality testing, will be released early next year!


Soulsfeng also has an amazing line of cold lighting and screen attached sneakers, as shown in this Youtube link –

Visit Soulsfeng at to check out these amazing graffiti sneakers!

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