West Bay Green Sneakers,together with you to join the mazu marathon

West Bay Green Sneakers,together with you to join the mazu marathon

9:00 a.m. on January 1, 2020,women's half marathon with the theme of "mei good running" was held on meizhou island, a pearl on the southeast coast of China.



Meizhou island has the charming scenery and the rich cultural background. The start of the marathon is a fresh start for a hopeful 2020.

When the beautiful seaview track combine with marathon that represents perseverance and courage,which both an island trip and a small challenge between physical and mental stamina.

The race is also a challenge for SOULSFENG's new running shoes, westbay green sneakers, which is making its debut as an official running shoe in the marathon.

As one of the sponsors of this marathon, SOULSFENG has been adhering to the design concept of combining comfort with technology, characteristics and innovation, and realizing the comfort and high quality of products through the flexible application of new technology, new materials and traditional materials.SOULSFENG turns the humanistic concept, scientific and technological atmosphere, sports spirit and life atmosphere around into design elements, casting the unique artistic soul of each shoe, leading the emerging fashion trend.

For a decade, SOULSFENG has devoted itself to scientific research and motion analysis , making each pair of shoes and delivering every order to its customers perfectly.

West bay green sneakers,integrating SOULSFENG's shoe technology with western culture, breaking the shackles of time, space. Its design concept is based on the west bay architecture in doha, Qatar. The west bay architecture combines the traditional architectural style of the Middle East and is a brand new modern architecture, implying that Qatar has entered a brand new field of modern technology and culture,starting a brand new future.

Why the marathon is a challenge for west bay green sneakers?

A professional marathon runner has high demands for the weight of the shoes, prevent slippery and wear resistance in the process of running.In the process of running, countless times of bending, twists and turns, each rise and fall, is a test for the performance of the sneaker.In the course of running,the foot will sweat, causing the shoe inside damp and sultry, affecting the comfort of running, so marathon participants have a high demanding for running shoes.

The uppers of west bay green sneakersadopt the technology of one-piece flying weaving,the whole uppers has no complicated stitching, the fabric is integrated, breathable and comfortable,no matter how it bends, it will not leave permanent crease, it fits the foot surface, the wrapping performance is good enough for free running.

The sole of west bay green sneakers is made of PU middle sole + foaming shock absorbing rebound material, which is tough and not easy to deform. The rebound and shock absorption effect is good which can bring you unexpected running experience. Moreover, PU is a biodegradable environmental protection material. The bottom uses section type rubber antiskid piece with curve modelling, increasing the friction force of sole and ground, even on wet slippery track, also can handle calmly, march forward courageously.

The sweat on the track and the heart of persistence, is the first ray of sunshine in the 2019. West bay green sneakers accompany you, witnessing the beauty, witnessing the bay.

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