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Soulsfeng EcoTrail Solar Panels

Soulsfeng EcoTrail Solar Panels

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Materials: monocrystalline silicon chip + EVA + ETFE + waterproof cloth, with excellent waterproof performance.

Output: USB (5V/2.0A) + USB (5V/3A) + DC (18V), supports various mobile phones, power banks, small power supplies, and supports QC3.0 fast charging.

11-line high-conversion monocrystalline silicon, 23% high conversion rate.

The unfolded size is 1015*275mm, the folded size is micro 275*195*30mm, the packaging weight is 1.32kg, it is fixed with Velcro, and it is easy to fold and store.

The solar folding panel can provide a reliable source of power for your mobile phone during camping, hiking and daily life. Its lightweight design allows you to enjoy green energy, reduce carbon footprint, and support environmental protection.

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