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Soulsfeng Olympix Workout Gym Sneakers

Soulsfeng Olympix Workout Gym Sneakers

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Design base on Flamingoes from Bahamas

Preferring an isolated existence, the West Indian Flamingo can be found balancing in the salt flats of Lake Rosa on the Inagua Islands. More than 80,000 flamingos flock to these marshes to feast on the fly larvae and brine shrimp that are packed to the gills with beta carotene, imparting their deep pink hue into the flamingos’ plumage. Not limited to flamingos, Inagua is the best spot for bird watching in the Bahamas. More than 140 species of birds, native and migratory, can be found on the island. 

  • Rubber+E-TPU cushion middle sole
  • Freeknit Fabric Printed Upper
  • Biodegradable Sneaker
    Environmental Friendly Material
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