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Soulsfeng Waterproof Heated Hoodie EcoHeat-X

Soulsfeng Waterproof Heated Hoodie EcoHeat-X

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  • Product comes with

    - A hoodie with carbon-fibre heating elements

    - A 10000AMH bettery power bank

    - A charger 

    Product Feature 

    - Design for comfort and stability. Suitable for fashion, casual, outdoor, and formal occasions. 

    - Water-repellent fabric on the outside. Fleece fit on the inside. 

    - 3 Carbon fiber far-infrared light heating elements generate heat in core body areas, left and right chest, middle of the back. 

    - 3 heating levels of heater (Blue: 45 , White: 50 , Red: 55 ).  Long time 3s pressing the switch to turn on and off, push to switch heating level. using time:3~6 Hours,fully charged battery can lasts up to 3~4 hours on highest heating level. 

    - Rechargeable 10000AMH Battery power bank with USB and Type-C output. 


    Washing Instructions 

    1. Before washing, remove the power, put the USB end into the pocket and zip up. 
    1. DO NOT squeeze it or iron it after washing, hang it in a cool place to dry. 
    1. After washing, the product can be used only when it is completely dry.


    Power bank 

    Standard Voltage: 5V   Capacity: 10000mAh 

    Standard Electric Current:  2.5-3A is the best; 2A is available, but please note that if the power bank overheats, stop using it.

  • When connecting to the power bank, please pay attention to the correspondence of the electrodes (+ for positive, - for negative).

  • ⚠ WARNING:

    1. Excessive collisionand extrusion can cause malfunction or short circuit and fire.
    2. Keep the power bank away from extremely high or low temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity, water or liquids.
    3. DO NOT modify, disassemble.

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